Life at Rockborne

18 Nov 22
How data decisions leave trans people behind

I’m a new starter at Rockborne, which means I’ve just escaped the brutal process of applying for job after job after job. Not one of the companies I applied to...

Ash Pearce
25 Oct 22
Studying non-STEM, nothing to be concerned about

A bit about myself and some of my anticipations before joining Rockborne: Before I talk about my experiences to date at Rockborne, I feel like it is important to give...

Kate Brown
20 Oct 22
13 weeks gone in a flash…but the journey doesn’t stop there

Coming from Innovation Engineering, I knew where disruption had its greatest impact and that is data, being exposed to a Big Data module I knew that is where my strengths...

Byader Hamed
17 Oct 22
Aerospace to data

One thing about me is that I have always had a passion for aviation and that led me down the path of completing both my undergrad and master’s in aerospace...

Merrin Varghese
15 Oct 22
My first 13 weeks at Rockborne

Before Rockborne I would like to set out a picture of who I was before Rockborne. I have just finished my exams in my final year of university in which...

Romel Asif Sadequee
13 Oct 22
University got me ready but Rockborne brought it all together with so many new skills

I’ve always been a numbers person, so I chose to study Maths at university and that’s where I first came across working with data. I had a module in my...

Tess Reehal
08 Oct 22
My Journey from Niche University interests to the perfect placement

Even before university, I was intrigued with two seemingly very distant areas of the sciences: quantum physics and genetics. On one side, you have the study of perhaps the underlying...

Jonathan Kim
02 Oct 22
How I became a Data Consultant in under 100 Days

After graduating with a degree BSc in Economics, I already knew that I wanted to work in the world of data. I was exposed to a whole load of it...

Andrew Harrison
29 Sep 22
My application journey: Step by Step

I came across a job advertisement on LinkedIn, tried my luck and applied! Very soon after, I received a message from Amy Foster, the Chief Talent Officer of Rockborne, with...

Rajveer Mudhar
28 Sep 22
What diversity means at Rockborne

Diversity….it’s such a big topic and feels quite scary to write about, that feeling of saying the right thing, doing the right thing and sometimes even knowing what the right...

Amy Foster
18 Sep 22
Forensic Science to Data Graduate

I graduated in 2022 with a Forensic Science degree, however, I did not want to start a career in that field so after much research and beginning coding using Python,...

Vaishni Nanji
14 Sep 22
My application process at Rockborne

Have you ever wondered what it takes to join Rockborne and become a world-leading data professional? Zaynab Yusuf takes you through their application process and gives us an insight into...

Zaynab Yusuf
07 Sep 22
Finally, I found the right one…

Everyone knows that when application season begins at the start of the academic year, you tend to be quite particular about where you apply to. You have a vision of...

Cindy Afriyie
31 Aug 22
My first month at Rockborne

Coming from a working background, I was initially sceptical about even applying for the role here. I felt rather underqualified initially but having gone through the interview process and doing my...

Samih Ul Haq
11 Aug 22
Application process with a difference…

As a recent university graduate studying Chemistry and Physics, I first heard of Rockborne through a job advert on my universities graduate services and was directed to send my CV...

Sofia Hassan
02 Aug 22
How I got into data from business management?

My journey into the world of data began during my time at St Mary’s University studying Business management. It really took off around the time of my placement during my...

Vilson Guraj
24 Jul 22
Introducing the new home of Rockborne: A state-of-the-art training facility

We are delighted to announce the opening of Rockborne’s brand new world-class Data & Analytics training facility. While we may have started on a small scale, training a cohort of...

Waseem Ali
05 Jul 22
My application journey

I was first told about Rockborne from a friend at university who suggested I should apply through LinkedIn sending a copy of my CV. After a couple of weeks, I...

Abdul-Hafiz Joarder
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