15 Apr 24

Game Development at Rockborne: How is Python Used?

Matt Harris

Just how is Python used in game development?

In this blog post, we see the Rockborne consultants put their theory into practice.

As the final project in their Python Basics module, Rockborne’s latest cohort of data and AI trainees undertook the challenge of creating a simple yet interactive game using Python.

This endeavour was not just a test of their programming skills but also a creative exercise, blending fundamental programming concepts with the practical application of their new Python knowledge.









Functionally, this project required our team to:

– Use functions to modularize your code and promote code readability.

– Implement proper error handling for user inputs to avoid crashes.

– Ensure the game provides clear instructions and feedback to the player.

The project was conducted in Rockborne’s state-of-the-art learning facility, designed to not only impart technical knowledge but also to nurture creativity and individuality among its trainees. This facility is equipped with the latest technology, offering a perfect environment for learners to experiment and innovate.

Functionally, this project pushed the trainees to apply their theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios. So how is Python used in game development practically? Consultants were required to:

From a coding perspective, the Rockborne team approached the game’s foundation with systematic planning and execution:

Participant testimonials underscore the value and impact of the project. Anmol Aroz shared, “The Rockborne Python project was super exciting! I really enjoyed being thrown into the deep end. Initially, I sketched out a diagram, and it was incredibly helpful in visualizing what I wanted the code to do. Once I managed to get it all working, I had a lot of fun playing around with the GUI. It was a really challenging and creative exercise.”

Jenushan Jayarooban, another trainee, reflected on the learning curve: “One of our first projects on Python was creating an interactive game using ‘GUI’ (Game User Interface), which utilized the basic Python skills we learned while incorporating a new library called ‘tkinter’. This was a great opportunity to delve further into the vast uses of Python and was fulfilling to see how far we have advanced our programming skills in just a week.”

This project illustrates the practical application of Python in developing software that is both functional and engaging. It highlights how Python’s versatility makes it an excellent choice for educational projects that require a blend of creativity and technical proficiency.

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