Who are Rockborne?

Our mission is to grow, develop and deploy the world’s leading data professionals, make real change in the data industry through the diversity of thought and keep quality at the heart of everything we do.

Who are we?

Rockborne are a group of passionate individuals who are trying to achieve something fairly straightforward:

  • Provide a great launch pad for anyone interested in a career in data no matter their background, qualifications or taste in music – we pass zero judgement.
  • Provide the data industry with new, fresh and driven talent, help address the current imbalances and be a voice for change.

Our mission is to grow and develop the data leaders of the future through our online bootcamp and graduate programme.

Our online bootcamp and graduate programme will make you a data ninja. But a data ninja is nothing without a broader understanding of business and people, and these combined skills are what takes you from a data person to a data legend.

What do we do?

We could write something super glossy and sell the absolute dream but that’s not very us. So, what do we actually do? We bring individuals who align with our values and beliefs into our business and, of course, have an interest in and passion for data.

Our online bootcamp provides free data and soft skills training that is open to everyone – regardless of your background, degree or grade. We believe that data is an industry for all and our bootcamp allows participants to try data in a commercial setting for the first time and see if it’s an exciting career prospect for the future. Those who attend our bootcamp may have the opportunity to join us longer term on our graduate programme.

We provide classroom-based training during our graduate programme followed by real-world projects with real clients, helping build on your foundational knowledge and continue your journey of development.

Throughout your time with us, there will be the chance to undertake certifications, hone your professional skills, and become part of the Rockborne family.

Why Rockborne?

There are some key areas which make Rockborne different.

  • Our online bootcamp is open to all – it’s a chance for you to try data in a commercial setting and understand whether this could be a longer term career option for you, whilst learning new transferable skills
    • The opportunity to learn; we are firm believers that a blended learning approach gives the best outcomes. During the graduate programme, your time in the classroom during the graduate programme gives you insight into the breadth of data, crossing analytics, engineering and science. It also focuses on key skills that we all need to grow and progress in our careers: from presentation skills, to project management, to briefing stakeholders.
    • We want you to come out of the classroom like a Swiss army knife – you’ve got just the tool for the problem in front of you and you are always prepared. Working with our clients is a real turning point, where you’ll take your newly found skills and begin to build on them. It doesn’t happen overnight and working in data is a never-ending journey of learning, but it’s an exciting and rewarding one.
  • We also believe that diversity of thought is one of the most important fundamentals of any business. Our employees come from a variety of backgrounds, bringing different views, insights and ideas. Listening to our people and appreciating what they bring to the table is key to our success, we learn new things every day and long may it continue.

Finally, to focus on a buzzword, our culture.  Culture is defined by people and our people are great! At Rockborne, we want you to be your authentic self, be honest and transparent and be open to new ideas, opportunities and concepts. Things won’t always be perfect, and we certainly won’t always get it right, but we are growing, listening, and keeping our values at the heart of all that we do. It’s ever-evolving.


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Our training programme is in person and is based in our state-of-the-art training facility in Wimbledon, London. With four training rooms, a huge breakout space and extra desks for further study, this brand new facility is among the best of its kind.

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