02 Aug 22

How I got into data from business management?

Vilson Guraj

How I got into Data:

My journey into the world of data began during my time at St Mary’s University studying Business management.

It really took off around the time of my placement during my second year when I joined my university careers department. I joined as a marketing assistant and helped discover and learn ways the students could interact more with the department.

This was done through an online study I created. After we received all the responses, I went straight into analysing and organising the data. I had not dealt too much with data beforehand, so I did not really know what to expect, whether I would like it or even be good at it. Nonetheless, the process went smoothly and that spark for data was first lit.

The work placement was short; unfortunately, I did not spend the whole time dealing with data. It was really my dissertation during my third year that engulfed me into the world of data.

Like my work placement, I conducted a study however this was different. I spent a lot more time and energy dealing with the data I had in front of me. Constantly testing and learning ways I could handle the data, whether it be through different data variables or even using pivot charts. I would stare at all the figures and information for hours trying to figure out what it all means. After weeks of trial and error, I managed to organise and visualise all the important data. I provided useful insights from the data and that is what I liked most about it.

The opportunity to turn information that would usually be useless on its own, into something meaningful makes the work that much more satisfying. The challenge itself also excited me. I started with very little to work with and had to end up with so much insightful information, however, it was 100% worth it in the end. And with my dissertation, I then I realised that data was the career path I wanted to take.

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