18 Sep 22

Forensic Science Course to Data Graduate

Vaishni Nanji

Forensic Science Course to Data Analysis:


I graduated in 2022 with a Forensic Science degree, however, I did not want to start a career in that field so after much research and beginning coding using Python, I started applying to graduate schemes and junior job roles surrounding data analysts.


I come across the Rockborne application on LinkedIn and the job description was exactly what I was searching for, so I applied immediately. After a few days, I got a message on LinkedIn from the Chief Talent Officer, Amy Foster, to book me in for a 15–30-minute introductory phone call interview.

During the phone interview, Amy introduced herself and was friendly which made me feel very comfortable straight away. She introduced Rockborne, asked me a few questions regarding data and my experience and allowed me to ask any questions I had. Before the call ended, I was informed that I would be proceeding to the second stage of the process.

The second stage of the process was a 50-minute online numerical test which included 5 different sections to test potential employees on the skills that are required for the role. The website that I completed the test on was user-friendly and easy to access as a link was provided that directed me straight to it. The next working day I was informed by Amy that I passed the test and was proceeding to the next and final stage of the application process.

The final stage of the process was a 15-minute video interview with Waseem Ali, our CEO. Amy provided all the information required for this video interview via email, so I was well informed. I had to research and prepare for a question which I had 5 minutes to answer on the video call and then it was followed by other questions for 10-minutes that I did not have to research for. I was very nervous for the interview and Waseem Ali noticed but during the interview, he was understanding and made me feel comfortable.

Before the call ended, I was given constructive feedback – insights into where I performed well and areas for development and how the company would be able to help me grow within the data role. This interview was focused on how I answered the questions as well as how I presented my findings. Waseem Ali then offered me the job role and encouraged me to talk to Amy for more details about the position and to proceed if I would like to.

I got in touch with Amy, and she congratulated me on the offer of the graduate data position. From there I took the job offer. The whole application process took around 3 weeks, and I joined the August 2022 cohort and started 2 weeks after accepting the job offer. I am currently a month into training and I am finding it very informative, and enjoyable and find it to be an amazing graduate scheme









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