07 Sep 22

Finally, I found the right one…

Cindy Afriyie

The Right One :

Everyone knows that when application season begins at the start of the academic year, you tend to be quite particular about where you apply to.

You have a vision of where you want to apply and where you hope to see yourself working in a couple of months’ time. Personally, I had a few places where I really wanted to go and convinced myself that it was now or never, either I secure a place with one of those companies or I completely wave goodbye to my desire of getting into the tech industry.

By the early March period, I received emails from all the initially desired companies all rejecting my applications – mainly because I didn’t perform well on a game that was part of the application process. One piece of feedback I got from one of the companies was that I didn’t get the spelling of my name in Morse code correct for one of their online games – just an indication of what some of these companies are using to pick candidates.

Just after finishing my final exams, I came across Rockborne.

The turnaround from when I applied to when I got a confirmation of the role was short, a couple of weeks. During the application process, I submitted my CV, and a short telephone call was arranged with Amy, the Chief Talent Officer where we discussed my application and what Rockborne was as a company.

During this phone call, I was able to explain to Amy any reservations I had about coming from a non-technical background. And it was here that the vision of Rockborne was also explained to me.

After the phone call with Amy, a date for an online interview with Waseem Ali, our CEO was confirmed. During the interview, I was given the opportunity to discuss data topics like SQL. At the end of the interview I was offered a place at Rockborne, and I’m now approaching the end of my first month here!

Find out more about the Rockborne graduate programme here.




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