13 Feb 23

One month in already…

Lucie Cornwell-Lee

One Month in:

As a recent hire at Rockborne, I have just completed my first month of training as a Graduate Data Consultant.

Before joining Rockborne, I had recently graduated from university with an MSc in Psychology. As a result, I had limited exposure to working with data analytics and science tools, except for some experience conducting statistical analyses using the programming language R. Moreover, having worked in mental health care settings throughout my time at university, my experience working in a corporate environment was limited. As a result, I initially had reservations about whether the training period would be enough time to transform me into a professional data consultant. However, although I’m just a few short weeks into my time at Rockborne, I can confidently say such doubts have diminished.

I have already learned so much and accumulated a wealth of skills, such as analysing data in Excel, creating dashboards, writing complex SQL queries, and designing and implementing relational databases. The trainers, from impressive backgrounds, are highly knowledgeable and skilled, yet also conscious of offering a learning experience of equal quality. They are patient and encourage questions, ensuring everyone understands a concept or topic before we move on to the next.

In addition to technical training, I have also been provided countless opportunities to develop critical soft skills through regular presentations and workshops on public speaking, stakeholder engagement and business etiquette. These workshops have been informative and highly interactive, allowing me to build relationships with the other members of my cohort. The format of training, which places equal value on both technical and soft skills, has not only hugely increased my confidence but has also reassured me that I will be well-equipped for any challenges that might be presented to me when I go to work for a client.

Another aspect of working at Rockborne that I greatly appreciate is the company culture. The office is highly collaborative, and I have been made to feel welcome and supported by all staff members across the organisation. What’s more, the company culture has been transmitted to other cohorts, demonstrated to me by the many consultants who have been quick to offer invaluable advice in chance encounters around the office.

More formally, I have also had regular check-ins with my line manager, who has provided me with guidance and support as I progress on my Rockborne journey. Overall, my time at Rockborne has been an incredible learning experience so far and has provided me with a holistic understanding of the role of a data consultant. I can now honestly acknowledge the training programme as providing us with the best possible platform to grow and succeed in the data industry, and I remain excited for what the weeks and months ahead will entail.

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