25 Sep 23

A Consultant’s Perspective: Reflecting on a Year Gone By

Aayza Sheikh

A Consultant’s Perspective: Reflecting on a Year Gone By

Coming from a mathematical background, I’ve always held a keen interest in statistics and data analysis which naturally led me to explore roles in data. What particularly drew me to Rockborne was their tailored training programme, which I saw as an opportunity to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical application in a professional setting.

This blog shares my journey into Rockborne. By reflecting on a year gone by, this blog post highlights how my experience Rockborne has significantly contributed to my growth as a proficient data professional.

Excel Training

The first week of training centred around Excel, a tool familiar to me from my academic experience. However, Rockborne’s training delved deeper into Excel’s capabilities. Through interactive tutorials, I expanded my proficiency in utilising slicers, VLOOKUPs, pivot tables and charts. The consolidate our learning, we concluded with a project, where I utilised my newly learned skills to derive insights and formulate recommendations from data.


The next training module revolved around SQL, a programming language used for managing and querying relational databases. Having previously completed the Introduction to Data and SQL course by Code First Girls, I possessed a fundamental grasp of SQL.

However, there was a subtle difference – while I was accustomed to MySQL, Rockborne’s training centred around PostgreSQL. Despite their shared foundation in SQL, there were certain differences in format, syntax, and capabilities. The training included exploring different join types, querying techniques, and conducting data analysis. A significant part of this module was collaborative, entailing essential stages of data cleaning and preparation, followed by in-depth analysis and visualisation. Through this experience, I gained a profound understanding of the transformation of raw data into meaningful insights.

Communication Skills

While the role of a data consultant is largely comprised of technical proficiency, the significance of soft skills often remains neglected by many companies. Rockborne recognises that communication skills are essential in the role of a consultant and provide tailored sessions alongside the technical training to ensure interpersonal skills are of a high standard.

Reflecting On a Year Gone By

Approaching my one-year mark with Rockborne, my knowledge base has expanded far beyond the boundaries of academic learning. Grounded in thorough technical training and professional development, Rockborne has equipped me with the essential tools to navigate the data world. This fusion of technical expertise and personal growth exemplifies Rockborne’s approach, nurturing adept data professionals.


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