05 Jul 22

My application journey

Abdul-Hafiz Joarder

My Application Journey:


I was first told about Rockborne from a friend at university who suggested I should apply through LinkedIn sending a copy of my CV.


After a couple of weeks, I was then contacted by Rockborne’s Chief Talent Officer, Amy Foster, who I had an informal phone conversation with. Amy straight away calmed my nerves by telling me how this will just be a friendly chat to get to know more about my interest in the data role and a bit of my background i.e., my Civil Engineering University degree and how it can complement and translate well for a data position as well as information on Rockborne’s course structure and contents. Amy also told me how the application was a 3-stage process: first the telephone interview then an assessment and finally a video interview.

After the phone call interview, I was invited to take an online numerical assessment which had five mini-tests. These tests measure your cognitive ability by numerical reasoning to decide if you will be a good fit for the company by setting pass mark scores for the test.

I then received an email that I had passed the assessment and that the final stage is a one-to-one video interview which would take around 15-minutes. Before the interview, a question will be asked of you to research a data topic and do a 5-minute presentation on with a few follow-up questions .

My interviewer was our CEO – Waseem Ali. At the end of the interview, I was prompted if I wanted to ask any further questions which I encourage every candidate must do!

To my surprise the following day I received the great news that I was offered the position for the Graduate Data Role.

Find out more about the Rockborne graduate programme here.

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