28 Sep 23

MEET THE TEAM: Bruna Tessaro

Meet the team :

Hi, I’m Bruna and I joined Rockborne in August 2023 as an Associate Data Coach.

Rockborne’s mission to bring diverse talent into the data industry speaks to me and I am so excited to be a part of it! 

I have always enjoyed learning new languages, so I started my academic journey doing a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature. During my first year at uni, I joined a research group to investigate language processing in people with dementia. There is so much to know about the intricacies of language and cognition, which led me to complete a Master’s degree in Linguistics and a PhD in Cognitive Science in which I continued looking at language processing in clinical populations.  

Throughout my academic career, I’ve taught several classes – from language classes to psychology-related units at the undergraduate level, and I’ve always found it incredibly rewarding to be part of people’s growth journey. 

How does data come into my story? Gathering, analysing, reporting, and presenting data has always been part of my routine as a researcher. Throughout the years, it became clearer that working with data was my favorite part of doing research and that is the reason I’m here now. I believe in the power of data to answer the questions we have and to help us make better decisions – as businesses, individuals, and as a society.  

When I saw the position of associate data coach at Rockborne I felt that was the perfect opportunity for me to use my teaching and analytical skills to contribute to the learning journey of future data analysts – with a focus on bringing diversity to the data industry! In addition to that, having lived in different parts of the world and with a passion for traveling, I was eager to move to London and explore all the possibilities it offers. I’m so glad it worked out and am happy to be working with such a wonderful team!  

A fun fact about me – I absolutely love being close to nature, and I try to get out for walks and hikes as much as I can, so on the weekends you’ll probably find me with my hiking poles and my backpack filled with snacks recharging somewhere very green.  

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