11 Aug 22

Application process with a difference…

Sofia Hassan

A Process with a Difference:


As a recent university graduate studying Chemistry and Physics, I first heard of Rockborne through a job advert on my universities graduate services and was directed to send my CV via LinkedIn.


I received a message from Amy, the chief talent officer, a few days later inviting me to an initial talk.

The talk lasted for roughly 30 mins where I had the opportunity to ask questions about the company and the programme. All in all, it was a lovely interview and at the end, Amy had let me know that I had progressed to the next step in the application. I had to complete a few online numerical assessments lasting for an hour altogether.

The site was super user-friendly and allowed for an application for extra time if you had a learning disability.

The day after I took the test Amy informed me that I had progressed to the final stage, an interview with the CEO Waseem. For the interview, they asked me to prepare to answer a specific data question.  At first, I was super nervous, but Waseem was lovely, which made me feel a lot more comfortable while I presented my answer to the pre-set question.

The interview lasted about 15 minutes long consisting of my answer to the question they asked along with some generic interview questions, at the end I had the opportunity to ask any other questions I had about the job.

In closing the interview Waseem informed me that I had gotten the job. They sent over some pre-learning links to have a look at giving an introduction to the training section of the scheme; it was really useful as it gave a real introduction to the data world as well as highlighted the difference in the role of a data analyst, engineer and scientist.

The entire process was really enjoyable and friendly.

Find out more about the Rockborne graduate programme here.

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