14 Sep 22

My application process at Rockborne

Zaynab Yusuf

My Application Process:

Have you ever wondered what it takes to join Rockborne and become a world-leading data professional? Zaynab Yusuf takes you through their application process and gives us an insight into the culture of Rockborne.



My application process started on LinkedIn, I was searching for graduate data roles, and I came across the Rockborne job board. What stood out to me was the thorough training they provided and the building of their consultants in all aspects before getting into any professional role. Rockborne gives an opportunity to recent graduates that do not have a lot of industry experience, which most of these graduate programs want. I applied and took my chance. I then received an email from Amy Foster letting me know that I was selected to the following round, the phone interview.

Phone interview

Amy was the person I spoke with during my phone interview, our Chief Talent Officer. She was very open and polite. I felt comfortable during the call. She sounded really interested in what I had to say, I spoke about my journey after graduating and how I was keen on joining the data world of tech. I asked her a few questions I was curious about, and the call was overall pretty good. Amy then let me know I was progressing to the next stage, an online numerical test, which I received straight away.

Online test

The online test was straightforward, I can’t really remember exactly what questions were asked, however, it was a generic numeric test. It consisted of 5 stages and each stage had different requirements. With each stage completed, you were able to take a break- this was very convenient. It took about 45 minutes to complete in total. After I completed all five stages, I was contacted the next day and told I had progressed to the next and final stage of the process, the video interview.

Video interview

Once I got the confirmation of progressing onto the video interview, I needed to book the date for the interview- once I did that, I was given the context of what the video interview involved. I was told to prepare a data story and to take Hans Rosling as an example. I started to research and find an interesting data story to present. I chose how Africa will look in 100 years, a really interesting data story to me and one I felt passionate about. I was interviewed by Wassem Ali, our CEO. During my interview, which was similar to my experience with Amy, I felt very comfortable and Wassem came across as very open and inviting. I presented my story and was also given feedback on how I performed.

Offer of employment

I was offered the job on that day! I was very pleased with the interview and the entire application process. Overall, my entire experience was quite simple and straightforward. I feel as though the senior management’s open mindset reflects the way things are here at Rockborne!

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