What We Do

Rockborne provides diverse and proficient Data consultants to businesses who are looking to strengthen their Data and AI teams. Our programme has been carefully designed to equip graduates with everything they need to forge a successful career in Data and AI. We then match and place them within companies where they can truly add value, accelerating their careers in the process.


Our team will talk to you about your specific recruitment needs in order to tailor the graduates’ training to your business and the projects they’ll be involved in. While the consultants are placed within your company, we’ll continue to provide support and any additional training to ensure they achieve their full potential.

Transforming the Data and AI Sector

Rockborne was formed in response to the Data and AI industry’s need for a pool of untapped talent with the right balance of skills and mindset.


Our team fiercely believes that by providing opportunities for a more diverse group of candidates, we can create more knowledgeable, inclusive and well-rounded Data people.


Rockborne is made up of people with decades of experience not just in Data and AI, but also in core communication and consulting skills. This, alongside our people-driven pastoral care framework, ensures our consultants are set up for long-term success when they join your business.

Building on the Harnham History

The expertise across our team and the relationships we’ve built are in part due to the roots we have in our sister company, Harnham. As the global leader in Data & AI recruitment, Harnham has a track record of success spanning 15 years. We’ve built on this success to make Rockborne into a conduit for providing skilled data consultants.


Our partnership with Harnham puts us on a sure footing to deliver the highest quality of Data and AI talent to your business. We’re experts in tailoring our service exactly to make sure you receive the support you need.

Man in a wheelchair to communicate Rockborne's accessibility policy.


Our training programme educates consultants on the importance of design for all, making Data & AI more easily accessible for everyone. We are always looking to do more and are committed to setting standards that our colleagues, clients and partners can be proud of.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our main goal has always been to give opportunities to a more diverse and inclusive group of graduates and non-graduates in order to bring new viewpoints and ideas into the Data and AI industry.


Our only requirements during the hiring process are that applicants have an interest in Data and AI, a willingness to learn and a can-do attitude. We want everyone to have the chance to become a part of Rockborne.


From our recruitment strategy to our training methods, diversity is always front of mind for our team. We want to be at the forefront of industry change, helping Data and AI to become a more inclusive and exciting space for everyone.

Corporate Social Responsibility

This year, as part of the Harnham Group, we have partnered with In2Science and Women in Data, who are both focused on accessibility in the Data & AI market.


By sharing resources and knowledge with our growing list of partners we are able to assist those who historically would not have considered or been able to pursue a future in this industry.


We bridge the Data and AI talent gap, so that you don’t have to.

As a Harnham Group Company, we have a wealth of experience in harnessing raw Data talent and matching it to our clients’ needs.


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