What is Attract, Train, Deploy?


With data skills in high demand, the search for data talent can be time-consuming and costly.


At Rockborne, we help companies fill their data skills gap by connecting them with in-house trained data professionals. We work on an attract, train, and deploy (ATD) model, which means we:



Attract promising and diverse talent from a range of backgrounds and hire them as Rockborne consultants. 


Train them through our custom 12-week data training programme, which teaches technical data skills, along with the application of those skills to real-world scenarios, as well as communication skills and business acumen. 


Deploy our in-house trained consultants to businesses in need of data talent. 


Our training team is made up of highly specialised trainers and data coaches with decades of experience, not just in data and analytics, but also in “soft” skills like presenting and communications.   


We put a strong emphasis on soft skills throughout our training, as we believe communication and stakeholder management is one of the most important aspects of a data person’s role. Our training at Rockborne has been designed to help data professionals feel more comfortable in groups and develop key skills like active listening and self-awareness.


This training curriculum, combined with three weeks of customer training that’s designed specifically around your company, will ensure that your Rockborne consultant quickly becomes an indispensable part of your team. 

The Benefits of Attract, Train, Deploy

Rockborne’s attract, train and deploy (ATD) model provides organisations with the data talent they need to help add value to their data projects / programmes
When working with Rockborne, your business gets access to:


A broad range of skill sets. Rockborne consultants are consultants are multi-skilled in all elements of data, meaning they’re agile, adaptable, and keen to take on new challenges. Consultants are prepared for early open roles within data and analytics. 



Company-specific training. Prior to starting, our consultants receive three weeks of custom training that’s tailored to your company’s unique needs and the types of projects they’ll be involved in. We also provide ongoing support and coaching throughout their placement to ensure things run smoothly. 



Long-term potential. If a Rockborne consultant does well in their placement, they could become a full-time employee at the end of two years, meaning there’s long-term potential for investing in a Rockborne consultant.  

Our Clients

We work with an array of clients across different industries, from airlines to financial services, insurance, and consultancy firms. Regardless of the industry, we find that most companies face similar challenges when it comes to managing or leveraging their data, and our Rockborne consultants are specially trained to help.



“Rockborne has started our business down the path of truly realising value from our data, which is a critical part of the long-term value of our business, and I expect this is true for many other businesses too. The consultants act and feel like they are part of the myenergi team and as such are always proactively identifying opportunities for value creation and improvement. In particular, the enhanced understanding of our customers has led to huge improvements in the accuracy of our business forecasting, and the predictive ML models are showing the potential to provide a step-change in our customer experience proposition”

Jack Fielder
Chief Strategy Officer at myenergi

Our Consultants


Because our consultants come from a wide range of educational and socioeconomic backgrounds, they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience into their roles.




“Since joining Rockborne in November 2022, I’ve received comprehensive training across diverse areas such as data concepts, analytics tools, and visualisation techniques. I’ve gained proficiency in coding with SQL and Python, presenting insights using Power BI and Tableau. During my placement, I applied this knowledge to handle vast amounts of data, immediately contributing valuable insights with real-world impact. Fresh out of training, I introduced new technologies and perspectives, progressively taking on more complex tasks independently. Each day brings new learning opportunities, and it’s remarkable to reflect on my rapid development in just a few months”


Ashley Pearce
Rockborne Consultant

Our Leadership


Our leadership team at Rockborne has led the company to develop swiftly since its inception. Combining diverse experiences and deep industry insights, whilst guiding our innovative approach to data challenges across sectors. Their vision drives our excellence, ensuring we deliver impactful solutions for every client.

Waseem Ali



“Since Rockborne is a start-up that’s relatively new to the scene, we understand the uphill battle that we face when it comes to making a dent in the industry. However, in just two short years, we’re already starting to make our mark on the data industry. Being recognised as the best data academy in the 2023 DataIQ awards was valuable confirmation that we are on the right track.”

Waseem Ali
Chief Executive Officer at Rockborne

Rockborne office waiting area.

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