We provide comprehensive corporate data training courses designed for teams and needs. Our programs cover a broad spectrum of technical skills including Machine Learning, Excel, SQL, Python, and new skills including Large Language Models (LLM), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Prompt Engineering, ensuring a tailored learning experience that meets your team’s specific needs.

Why Choose Rockborne for Data Training?

  • Expert-Led Sessions: Our trainers are seasoned AI and data science experts, bringing years of industry experience to guide your team.
  • Customised Learning Paths: We tailor every training session to align with your strategic business needs, ensuring relevance and applicability.
  • Hands-On Learning Experience: We believe in learning by doing; our courses include practical exercises and real-life project work to cement knowledge and skills.
  • Continuous Support and Resources: Post-training, Rockborne provides ongoing support and access to resources to help your team continue their learning journey.

Below are examples of the many programs we are currently running and offer, that have been designed to meet the needs of our Rockborne consultants, training clients and attract, train, deploy (ATD) customers.

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LLM, Prompt Engineering and AI Training Courses

At Rockborne, we recognise that every business has distinct goals and requirements. That’s why our bespoke Large Language Model (LLM), Prompt Engineering and AI training courses are designed to be fully customisable, ensuring they align precisely with your unique objectives.

Rockborne's Microsoft Excel training course logo.

Mastering Excel

  • Introduction to Excel: Understand the basics of Microsoft Excel for data organisation and manipulation
  • Using PivotTables and PivotCharts: Summarise and query large amounts of data in a user-friendly way
  • Creating interactive and dynamic dashboards: Discover how dashboards can be created to give you a concise, real-time visualisation of your data
  • Power Query: We also provide crash courses in PowerQuery
Rockborne's SQL training course logo.

Mastering SQL

  • Introduction to SQL: Understand the basics of SQL for querying databases
  • Benefits and limitations: Exploring scalability and standardisation as well as performance issues and complexity
  • Mastering SQL: Dive into relational database design, data manipulation, advanced querying techniques, and much more.
Rockborne's Power BI training course logo.

Master class in PowerBI

  • Introduction to PowerBI: Learning the basics of Microsoft’s interactive data visualisation software product
  • Connecting data sources: Understanding how to connect to data sources in PowerBI desktop – allowing for report building
  • Mastering PowerBI: Become proficient in paginated reports, on-prem reporting, and Microsoft Fabric


Azure Synapse / Databricks Training

“Rockborne were super helpful, knowledgeable and flexible in helping design a custom Python and Machine Learning course for my team of 12 analysts and developers. Everything went smoothly on the day and the facilities were fantastic. Feedback was good from the team and I would very happily use Rockborne again for corporate training as they have all your needs covered.”

Joel Clark, Head of Data & Analytics, Biffa

Rockborne's primary Python training course logo.

Python for Data Analytics

  • Introduction to Python: This course serves as a comprehensive introduction to Python
  • Diverse data types: Numeric, string, sequence, binary and more. Familiarise yourself with Python’s built-in data types
  • Critical flow control structures: From sequential to conditional – master Python’s control flow statements
Rockborne's machine learning Python training course logo.

Machine Learning

  • Introduction to Machine Learning: The basics of data science, we cover the ethics and processes that surround ML
  • More complex concepts: Learn the difference between multi-linear and polynomial regression, as well as clustering, k-means and Gaussian models
  • Classification: Mastering classification through logistical, decision trees, decision forests and more
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