What to expect when joining Rockborne

by Mousa Abdula

22 Dec '21

To start this off first let me talk about my background before Rockborne. Coming from a background in Aerospace Engineering led me to believe that this diversion in career path would be a difficult one. But with an ever-changing economy I had to adapt or be left behind. Ever since we got our first computer shared between my siblings, my interest in computers and everything tech started to blossom. So, I thought to myself why not investigate that further. That is when I came across Rockborne and the boot camp they were offering prior to going into client sites.


So, let me introduce you to an American writer named Mark Twain, and he says, “A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way.” Now I’ll admit I didn’t understand what this meant when I first read it but come to think of it, how else could you practise carrying a cat by its tail?  Any other option would be equivalent to training for sky diving by jumping off a chair negating all effects of stress and anxiety. So how could you expect people to learn for a job without undergoing realistic representations of the future to come.


So how do you teach a group of 20 people how to interact with stakeholders, investigate and solve issues and much more. Well as Mark Twain suggested there is no better way than to simulate the environment and that’s what Rockborne have opted to do. With constant projects that are running in conjunction with lessons, requiring constant stakeholder meetings and an ever-evolving brief. This not only gets us trainees well equipped and in the right mindset to deal with the future to come, but it also reinforces the knowledge gained from the lessons provided. Gaining these skills is of vital importance in the consulting world where multiple projects can occur at the same time with a realistic embodiment of what the work environment will be and all difficulties that can occur in each project.


Now what about the lessons?


We have had a custom built 16-week programme to ensure that all the fundamentals are taken down such as SQL, Python, Power BI, Excel, Azure and many more. Each topic usually has its respective expert form the field come in and walk us all through the basics and then bumping us all up a level or two (or three or four). One of the key methods I have found helpful that they implement is the use of homework style questions that we complete individually and then compare as a group allowing us to share knowledge.  To top this up, we have had several external speakers come and run a session for us on the particular topic we have been covering, which again helps re-emphasise the reality of working as a Data Professional / Data Engineer.


One aspect I have really enjoyed is the presentations. You are usually given a set amount of time to prepare for a topic that was either just taught, previously taught or brand new to you and would have to present this back to your fellow classmates. Sometimes you will be given an hour to prepare other times you may only be given 30 seconds with your partner. implementing these presentations has overwhelmingly improved every one of my classmates presenting skills and made the whole experience more entertaining.


Following the training course, the mentorship program ensures you are not left alone on client site and offered the support you require. Furthermore, for one day a month you will be sent back to Rockborne to further expand in any subject you would like or that the client is asking for so you can constantly adapt to this ever-changing world.


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If you would like to apply to become a Rockborne Consultant you can do so here


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