Rockborne appoint Waseem Ali as CEO

by Rockborne

07 Oct '22

Rockborne are delighted to announce the appointment of Waseem Ali as the business’ new CEO.


Having been both a practitioner and leader in the world of Data & Analytics for several years now, as well has having developed Rockborne’s cutting-edge training program, Waseem brings a wealth of experience and clear vision to the position.


Harnham Group Executive Chairman, Simon Clarke, says of Waseem’s appointment: “Waseem has been a key figure in the development of Rockborne since its inception and is the perfect person to take on the role of CEO.” He adds: “Not only does he have a strong vision for the business, but his passion for creating the next generation of Data & Analytics talent will help elevate Rockborne to new heights.”


On his appointment, Waseem comments: “Having both worked with and developed graduate data schemes before, I’ve come to understand where the gaps are and what’s needed. This has allowed us to craft an ever-evolving training program and hiring process that’s built by data experts and designed to meet what Rockborne’s clients truly need.”


On Rockborne’s training programme, he adds: “Quality is at the forefront of what we do, and we hold our consultants to an incredibly high standard. We do, however, provide equally high levels of support and continue developing them throughout the entire 28 months they are with Rockborne, something which I believe helps us stand apart from other organisations.”


Furthermore, on creating a diverse and inclusive business, Waseem believes that “being a people-driven business means we’re led by values and, if someone brings value, regardless of their background or level, we listen.”


“This feeds into our purpose as a business; to bring highly skilled, diverse new talent into Data & Analytics. If we succeed, and I believe we will, then the industry’s leadership landscape should look radically different in 5 to 10 years’ time.”


Finally, he adds: “I’m incredibly excited for the future and look forward to working with Simon and the team here at Rockborne to make our ambitions a reality”.


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