DEI in Data: Many bridges still to cross

Diversifying Data & Analytics teams should be a priority

As a business looking to help create the next generation of data and analytics talent, we place a significant emphasis on ensuring that the future of our industry is as diverse as possible.


With many businesses having clearly made deliberate efforts over the past few years to be more diverse and inclusive, results so far suggest a more holistic view to hiring will be required if any significant progress is to be made.

DEI in data: Many bridges still to cross

Balanced data needs diverse data teams

In this whitepaper, we have extracted four of the most important strategic indicators of the data and analytics workforce – gender, ethnicity, disability and education.

Aligned to these are comments captured from members of the DATAIQ 100 2022 edition about the DEI policies within their data and analytics offices as well as the broader organisation.

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Our Contributors

In association with DATAIQ, all comments in this whitepaper were captured from members of the DATAIQ 100 2022.

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Amy Foster

Chief Talent Officer, Rockborne


Sanjeevan Bala

Group Chief Data Officer and AI officer, ITV


Lorenzo Bavasso

Global Director of Data and AI, Digital, BT Global


Maya Bull

Head of CRM, Telegraph Media Group


Pedro Cosa-Fernandez

General Manager Data, News UK


Andy Hill

Chief Data Officer, Unilever


Andy Isenman

Head of Technology - Cloud and Data, Heathrow Airport


Wade Munsie

Former Global Chief Data Officer


Cornelia Schaurecker

Global Big Data and AI Director, Vodafone Group