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Educational Background

Royal Holloway, University of London:

September 2017- July 2020

First-Class Geography BSc Degree

Kate’s Modules Included:

  • Global Warming
  • Managing River Environments
  • Statistics

Truro and Penwith Community College:

September 2015- July 2017

A-Levels and Grades Obtained:

  • English Language (B)
  • Geography (B)
  • Sociology (B)

Roseland Community College:

September 2010- July 2015

GCSEs and Grades Obtained:

  • Biology (A)
  • Chemistry (A)
  • Drama (A)
  • English (B)
  • Geography (A)
  • ICT (A)
  • Mathematics (A)
  • Physics (A)
  • Religious Education (A)

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51 Wimbledon Hill Road

SW19 7QW

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Kate Brown

Senior Associate Data Consultant


Kate is an analytical and driven data consultant with a proven record for delivering high-quality and insightful data analysis reports and presentations. She thoroughly enjoys finding solutions to complex problems and working cohesively as part of a team. She is a natural communicator and is keen to build successful relationships with stakeholders.

Kate’s strong academic achievements allowed her to develop a highly versatile skill set, enabling her to successfully execute her role as a data consultant.





  • AWS

  • Excel

  • GCP

  • PowerBI

  • Python

  • SAS

  • SQL

  • Tableau

  • Webscraping


  • Communication - Verbal

  • Communication - Written

  • Meeting Facilitation

  • Working Virtually


  • Advanced Analytics

  • Data Protection

  • Data Quality

  • GDPR

  • Normalisation


  • Creative Thinking

  • Collaboration & Teamwork

  • Design Thinking

  • Flexibility & Adaption

  • Presenting

  • Problem-Solving Skills

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Time Management

Work Experience / Projects

Credit & Risk Operations Analyst, Next (Remote):

September 2021- Sept 2022

  • Communication: Liaised with the business development team to successfully recreate and import live files into a standardised historical finance table in SQL. Effective communication will be crucial when developing a rapport with stakeholders and ensuring key professionals are aligned on project goals.
  • Efficiency: Automated Excel reports by connecting them to a SQL database and linking formulas to a date cell to flag any areas of concern, including: spikes in the volume of breathing space letters and conditional formatting to mark any substantial variances in default movements. These actions increased company productivity and resource allocation, reducing operational costs.
  • Problem-Solving: Dexterously identified 30 credit accounts with foreign addresses in a previously unstandardised dataset using SQL code which were then reviewed and flagged appropriately.

Assistant Researcher, The Environment Agency (Oxford):

July 2019- August 2019

  • Active Listener and Collaborator: Forged positive and strong relationships with all ten of her work colleagues through listening to their concerns and instructions. As a result, the whole team worked in unison to successfully complete the Environmental Report without missing any crucial information.
  • Data analysis and Report Writing: Collected and analysed environmental data in Excel to establish the pollution level in Oxford’s waterways, reporting the results to internal and external stakeholders. Since great decisions are often data-driven, this analytical skill will ensure the continuation of insightful analysis that surpasses both clients’ and stakeholders’ expectations.


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Awarded Badges in 'Manipulating Data in Tableau Desktop', 'Searching and Manipulating Data in Excel' and 'Understanding AWS Core Services'.

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Fundraised £200 for Shewula Orphan's Charity by running the Windsor Half Marathon in 2019.

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Obtained a level 1 CEFR in Spanish (received from Royal Holloway).

Hobbies / Interests

Kate organised and identified the opportunity to increase the local rowing club's revenue by providing a winter alternative. Also, she strives for self-development through continually seeking opportunities to expand her knowledge/skills (i.e. completing online business courses and acquiring new languages).


The final 3 weeks of Rockborne’s program is tailored to your business’s and industry’s specific needs, terminology, structure and tools, ensuring Rockborne consultants are equipped to hit the ground running.